Candleman 1.1.0 Apk + Obb

Candleman 1.1.0 Apk + Obb

android5.0 +
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    Candleman v1.1.0 (Paid)
    Requirements: 5.0 and up
    Overview: * A game published with the cooperation of Fantastic Games, an independent games supporting program of CMGE*

    Candle Man, one of the eight most playable independent games in the world. Even with just 10 seconds of memory, our hero starts his journey for lights and dreams with hope.From March 27 to April 10, 40% off available on first release.

    【Brief Introductions】

    In a world of endless darkness, as a candle living only 10 seconds, what would you choose? To burn out yourself and wait for death, or to light up the darkness and hunt for hopes?

    As one of the 8 Best Upcoming Games You've Never Heard Of, the game Candleman will bring you an immersive adventure experience with distinct subjects, profound stage-designing and 4K-level frames and pictures in the mood of Zen. In its magic scenes as in a dream or in a movie, a candle with faint flames looks for his way forward constantly for the hopes in his heart, groping endless darkness with his memory of only 10 seconds.

    Let’s go forward together for our dream before the candle burns out!

    【Game Features】

    ——One frame as one wallpaper

    In a magnificent and mysterious adventure world, with the ingenious combination of faint flames and dreamy lights and shadows, an ordinary candle, for his dream, experiences the changing of game scenes and the shifting of lights and shadows.

    ——One scene in one trap

    In the darkness of every frame, everything in your eyes seems to be in a dream, as well as in a movie. You will challenge magic puzzles composed of lights and shadows in the darkness and experience interactions between colors and backgrounds.

    ——Every music note deep in nature

    During the gameplay, you will feel the profoundness and mysteriousness of the game world with an immersive experience from atmosphere-perfecting background music, and meticulous and providential sound effects.

    ——One experience after one journey

    Even with faint flames, the candleman hopes to light up the underground world in the darkness, and makes great achievements. Doing the extraordinary in ordinary life is exactly what the game answers to the players.

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